7 Tips for Better Web Design

Researchers from a university conducted a survey showing that 46% of respondents pay special attention to the appearance and interface of the site in order to form an opinion about it. If the user does not like the design of the website, the entire content of the site will automatically appear as untrustworthy and unreliable. There are points that leading website development companies like Firearm consider. Here are 7 tips to improve your website design while growing it.

1) Good illustrations. Well-chosen illustrations bring the site to life. Their goal is not to fill empty spaces but to evoke emotions and connect them to the brand. The author’s illustrations make the site recognizable. They are good for use in icons, titles, and animations.

When using artwork, it’s important to look for consistency and the correct amount. Even very beautiful illustrations will be diverted from the site if it is oversaturated with them.

2) Typography of the website. Typography plays an important role in creating brand identity. Typography affects how visitors perceive text.

Each font conveys its own character. Choose a font that conveys the directionality of text through graphic images. Don’t be afraid to combine serif and sans serif fonts. The rule of thumb is that the font should be easy to read and the font types should be compatible with each other.

3) Photographs.

It is easier for users to pay attention to an image than to remember a text they have read. Therefore, the selection of photographs when crafting a website design should be approached with care. Research shows that a picture replaces 84 words. Here are the principles of proper photography for a website:

  • information content
  • quality
  • originality
  • emotionality

Good designers ditch stock photography because if users see photos of an asset on another site, it undermines the credibility of the site’s content and the brand.

4) Use animations. The main purpose of animation is to help users understand complex points and draw their attention to important nuances. Animations can be in-navigation or full-screen. Major designers now use JavaScript and CSS coding to create animations, which have almost no effect on site performance and speed.

5) Video

How animations, moving images on the page grab the user’s attention. The benefits of video are story development, dynamics, and greater emotional response. The video on the site is used for the following purposes:

  • to show what is difficult to write (training videos)
  • tell a story

to visually demonstrate the product. When posting a video that autoplays, it’s worth turning off the autoplay sound. Then the user will feel comfortable deciding for themselves if they want to turn on the sound or if it is not for them.

6) Colors

Device monitors and displays are constantly improving. Therefore, it is worth abandoning the outdated concept of a secure web palette. When choosing a color palette for your website, remember: – color harmony; – corporate style; – contrasting typography; on the target audience. To choose a color scheme, you need to determine the target audience and the information you want to convey to that audience.

A popular trend of our time is the use of a palette consisting of bright colors. This is a good solution for sites aimed at a large audience.

7) VR effects.

With the development of virtual reality technologies, it has become relevant to think about using them for website design. Leading companies such as Firearm are embracing technologies for full use of virtual reality in web design. The use of virtual reality will make websites more user-friendly and will also remain a means of attracting attention. There are techniques that are imitations of virtual reality. Their main goal is to make the user feel like a participant in the events.

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