Best Web Design Company in Punjab and Why?

Hello, Today I want to give you the best web design company in punjab. So that you don’t have to suffer like me. Before giving you the name of this web design company in Punjab, I want to tell you my story. How I suffered from web designers in Punjab and how I found the right web design company after 4 years.

In 2016, I had my first website created by someone from Punjab. It was my first website so I didn’t know a lot. Today I can say that he charged a lot for nothing. Then I found another web design company in Punjab in 2017. He promised me to create a secure website and look great.

I gave him the money and he started the job. But later my website was hacked by a Bangladeshi man asking for money. I contacted my website designer in Punjab and told him about it and he said there was nothing he could do.

Best Website Designer in Punjab.

Then I was very frustrated, I wanted to find the right person who could create an attractive website, which could also open very quickly on mobile devices and was 100% secure. After searching, I found the brand name Khalsa Website Designers (The best website designer in punjab), who was famous among the Punjabi Sikh community.

I called the CEO, Mr. Daljit Singh Khalsa and he understood the problem I was going through. He showed off some of his recently completed websites/projects. I was impressed with the designs and speed of its servers. Since I was a little worried about security, I asked him how I can be sure that you offer security on my website. Then it showed me some websites where we can run the test if this website is secure or not.

Watch his video on Josh Talks (YouTube channel in Punjabi).

I searched my website, and all these websites showed that my website is not secure, and people can easily hack the website. Then I tested the websites of all my previous web designers in Punjab, guess what? Everyone’s website was hackable. Then I scanned the Khalsa Website Designers website, and their website was 100% secure. I didn’t stop there; I then scanned all the websites he gave me to see his recent work. All of these websites were 100% safe.

This is not just any paid review. This is my actual experience with other web designers in Punjab. I wanted to tell everyone that you have to be serious when selecting the right person for your website especially in Punjab. As there are also fraudsters. Who promise something else and do something else!

List of best web design companies in Punjab.

  1. Khalsa Web Designers
  2. Daljit Singh Khalsa
  3. Best Punjab Website Designer
  4. Punjab Sikh Website Designer
  5. Website builders in Punjab.

Yes, it is all the same and you can find the person if you search any of these 5 keywords in Google.

According to me there is only one web design brand in Punjab which offers best web design services in Punjab and this brand is one of the best and only web designers in Khalsa. People call this brand the best web design company in Punjab.

In 2020, this brand won the award for the best Punjab website designer by Punjab University. You can check the news on the given link. Now my website is fast, attractive and completely secure.

Besides that, Khalsa Website Designers gave me a free course to watch which helped me a lot to grow my business step by step. These videos taught me how to sell like a pro.

He also connected me with a guy who is really good at creating Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. This guy also helped me rank well on top search engines. I have no words to thank Brother Daljit as he came as a hero in my life who gave my business the boost my business was looking for. He also gave me his graphic designer who created very beautiful images for my social networks.

See what other clients are saying about their web design service.

I also want to tell you that this guy has used everything that is 100% legal on my website. Other web design companies in Punjab were using pirated software, themes and plugins. But Khalsa Website Designers gave me the receipts for the software, themes and plugins they bought me. I have to say that I found the right website designer in Punjab who did more than what I was looking for.

Now I want to tell everyone reading this article that finding the right one is very important. Pay a little more but stay away from scam web design companies in Punjab. These companies are going to waste your time and make your food, that’s my opinion.

There might be other good website design companies in Punjab but after checking almost 3 website designers in Punjab I concluded that what I was looking for Khalsa Website Designers did it right . I am fan of Daljit Singh from Khalsa Web Designers who has created beautiful websites for everyone.

There is something else I wanted to share, when there was the famous farmer protest, the owner of this brand/web design company was supporting farmers by helping the elderly. How it helped you can read here = Khalsa Website Designers Punjab Openly Supports Farmers Protest. It shows how humble the person behind this web design company is.

Daljit Singh is one of the most famous web designers in the state of Punjab. He also won Best Web Designer in Punjab. I can continue to admire him because he did the best job designing websites for me. I was suffering for so long and only Daljit solved all the problems. I personally recommend everyone to contact Khalsa Website Designers once and talk to them once. Thank you very much for reading the article to the end.

Here is the difference between Khalsa web designers and other web designers in Punjab.