Bolt Design Awards Announces NFT and Web Design Awards Program with Community Grants

NFT and web designers have a new opportunity to help themselves and others in the industry with the launch of the Bolt Design Awards. The program offers two community grants, funded by 10% of each registration fee.

Bolt Design Awards the creators said they designed the program to serve a purpose beyond handing out worthless rewards for filling a website footer. A portion of every competition entry fee goes back to the creative community through grants.

The top winners in each category receive a visually stunning prize designed by Graham Burns Studio in walnut, brass and concrete. The 10 inch price is included at no extra cost, as the listing fee covers everything.

“Creativity takes a spark. Award-winning creativity takes a flash,” the program founders said. “We want to honor this bolt of genius with an award that celebrates excellence and gives back to the creative community.”

The Bolt Grant

“The Bolt Awards are all about supporting you, the design community and your customers,” the founders said. “We do this by donating 10% of every entry to help two critical categories of businesses.”

The Bolt Seed Grant is for businesses that have been open for 24 months or less. Designers can enter websites their startup has designed — or their own websites — and there’s no cap on the grant, so the more people who enter, the higher the grant.

“We all know how difficult the first two years in business can be,” Bolt Grant representatives said. “Bolt is committed to seeing the next generation of design entrepreneurs succeed by reinvesting in them.”

The Bolt Grant for Nonprofits seeks to support efforts and charities in their work to meet basic needs. Winners are encouraged to share or even donate the grant to the nonprofit organization.

“We want to reward companies that help amplify the mission and voice of nonprofits and their work,” said the founders of Bolt Grant. “When you enter the nonprofit category, you are also entering to win the Bolt Grant for Nonprofit Organizations.”


To learn more about the Bolt Design Awards and Bolt Grant programs or to enter your work, visit the website

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