Doncaster digital marketing and web design agency LoudCrowd hopes to increase its workforce by 2024

Launched by David Johnson in 2016 as a two-person operation, LoudCrowd, which is located on the Waterdale Mall, now specializes in search engine optimization, web design and development, branding and strategy and graphic design.

Having seen the staff grow from two to a team of nine in the past two years alone, David said the plan now for StrongCrowd is more than doubling in size over the next 24 months to form a solid team of 20 people.

David said: ‘I’ve seen businesses in Doncaster reach a certain size and then stop growing, but our aim is to continue and continue to grow as we establish a network of business support which extends well beyond Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

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The LoudCrowd team. Photo by LoudCrowd.

“We want to double our size by 2024 and I see no reason why that couldn’t happen.

“We have now reached a level where we can start providing our own training. In fact, we are currently in the process of creating our own training program, aimed at advancing the skills we already have within the team.

And from there, he added, the aim was to use the training program to start recruiting new members of the team to Doncaster, regardless of their academic or social background.

He said: “No matter your level of education or background, we will be able to provide our new team members with the skills needed to be part of an exciting and rapidly growing industry.

“Over the past six years we have seen LoudCrowd develop an increasingly strong position in a fiercely competitive market and to maximize our potential we need the best people with the right attitude and team mentality.”

David added: “What’s really important to me is that as a local employer I want to employ local people and develop people within our local community.

“It’s not always easy to achieve, but with the right training opportunities in place, I’m confident it will happen.”

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