Every 3rd IT company pays $300 or less for SEO services

Search engine optimization has been a hot topic for businesses for a very long time due to its long-term traffic and conversion benefits. With an increasing number of businesses choosing to build a website, the number of resources invested in SEO is also increasing and thus boosting the entire SEO segment.

Between March 15-30, 2022 TechBehemoths surveyed 997 IT companies and digital agencies in 40 countries regarding their SEO activity.

Key points to remember

  1. Despite the importance of SEO for revenue and traffic, companies are willing to invest fewer resources
  2. Companies recognize the importance of SEO and how long it lasts, but not all are ready to hire an in-house SEO manager
  3. Among non-commercial SEO tools, Google is by far the leader in usage among IT companies.
  4. Of all the commercial SEO tools, SEMRush is the most popular. Ahrefs and Moz occupy the second and third positions.
  5. Of all the WordPress SEO plugins, IT companies use Yoast the most. All-in-one SEO is far behind
  6. Google is the leading search engine for SEO purposes, preferred by 92.4% of IT companies
  7. For the majority of IT companies, organic traffic drives 50%+ of total leads
  8. Lead generation is also the number one reason IT companies do SEO work.

Why do IT companies use SEO?

Most IT companies use SEO for lead generation and link building, while the least effective goal was competitive analysis.

  • Lead generation – 78.6%
  • Link building – 68.9%
  • Website Optimization – 67%
  • Traffic growth – 65%
  • Keyword research – 62.1%
  • Content Optimization – 60.2%
  • Competitive Analysis – 53.4%

⅓ of IT companies are willing to invest in SEO no more than $300/month

The results show that companies still see SEO as a cheap service, and only 13.4% of companies are willing to invest more than $800/month. It is true that the prices of SEO services also depend on the region and the level of service, so there is no fixed price.

37.9% of IT companies only have one SEO manager

The number of SEO specialists IT companies have, more than ⅓ said only one person is dedicated to SEO work. Also, 26.2% of IT companies and digital agencies responded that they had several specialists, i.e. 2 people. At the same time, 15.5% have an SEO department and only 3.9% answered that 5 or more people perform SEO tasks.

SEO tools – Over 80% of IT companies are aware of SEMRush, Google Search Console and Yoast

First, the most well-known SEO tool includes SEMRush, where 94.2% of IT companies said they had heard of it. GSC was in second place – 85.4% of respondents said they had at least heard of GSC. The top 3 is completed by the popular WordPress SEO plugin – Yoast.

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