How a Web Design and Hosting Company in Tucson, Arizona is Fighting COVID-19

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Employing all forms of communication, Desert Web Hosting is making their business available as the Covid crisis continues.

Virtual meetings are the new normal for Tucson web design clients »

— Rod Atwood, co-owner of Desert Web Hosting

TUCSON, AZ, USA, April 20, 2022 / — Telecommuting, videoconferencing and remote meetings are becoming increasingly important in people’s lives. The health crisis has considerably accelerated this trend.

For Desert Web Hosting, the COVID-19 crisis has been an opportunity to develop new forms of organization and working practices. As such, digital tools have played a key role and have been particularly popular in facilitating virtual meetings.

Even if the health crisis seems to be coming to an end, facilitating remote exchanges within a digital agency remains fundamental. After Tucson lifted many Covid restrictions, Desert Web Hosting is still offering virtual meetings to keep our customers safe.

What exactly is a virtual meeting?

A virtual meeting or videoconference is a type of meeting that involves the use of ICT. People who participate in such arrangements cannot physically attend the meeting due to geographical distance or health problem.

A customer can use multiple web conferencing or remote meeting tools, including a phone, tablet, or computer. The most common virtual meeting tools are GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype.

Video conferencing offers absolute flexibility in arranging all types of meetings, whether internal with certain customers, prospects or business partners, and it is also the best way for Tucson businesses to help control the spread of the virus.

“Virtual meetings are the new normal for Web Design in Tucson customers,” according to Rod Atwood, co-owner of Desert Web Hosting.

To contain the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States and around the world, many notable and new measures are being implemented to hold meetings remotely. Many Tucson businesses have had to reinvent themselves after the closures and restrictions. They had to quickly adopt new ways of working to operate as efficiently as possible.

New ways of working for sellers, digital agencies, or anyone else who needs to interact with people have been digitized to keep business going during these uncertain times. Virtual meetings have become the substitute for physical meetings for Desert Web Hosting, still engaged in the war against the virus.

Benefits of virtual meetings after Covid restrictions lifted in Tucson:

Considering the past two years of pandemic, it is too risky for Desert Web Hosting to hold physical meetings to follow up on various web hosting, web development and SEO projects with their clients. Virtual meetings are therefore an essential tool for monitoring results and communicating on the progress of work. Virtual meetings are also a great help to take stock of the priorities of the day and centralize events within the company.

In addition to making remote exchanges possible, videoconferencing tools have the advantage of making conversations more dynamic and more transparent. Digitization makes it possible to offer a secure space via a dedicated tool and guarantees access to all participants to essential documents. Thus, the digital tool will optimize the organization and planning of the meeting.

The advantage of virtual meetings within the Desert Web Hosting team is to bring more flexibility to your collective moments and save time significantly when creating and controlling data. Virtual exchanges make it possible to bring together the actors of a project at all strategic stages.

Finally, this change is also very beneficial for the planet. Taking travel into account, virtual meetings use less than a tenth of the energy of face-to-face meetings. “It’s so easy to set up Tucson SEO with DWH,” Rod said.

The future of the web design and hosting business after Covid:

Video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom made remote working possible as Covid-19 spread and people became more isolated. Contrary to what one might have thought on returning to the office, videoconferencing is still widely practiced. It even replaces face-to-face meetings for some companies. For Desert Web Hosting, all types of in-person work have moved online.

Many social distancing regulations no longer apply, but the Tucson-based web hosting company still believes maintaining a safe distance is best to stop the spread of the virus. Meetings of a number of employees in the same room went against what was recommended before. Desert Web Hosting has decided to continue the working methods already in place since the start of the confinement periods.

For Desert Web Hosting, virtual meetings mean so much more to customers. The significant increase in the number of sessions attended by executives coupled with video conferencing is a huge development for Arizona businesses. DWH leads the way in these practices.


The health crisis that our society is going through has forced individuals to shake up their habits and rethink their organization in both the professional and personal spheres. New practices have emerged to maintain a fragile but essential social bond. Business leaders and agency managers have also had to rethink their approaches to maintaining business continuity and security.

For Desert Web Hosting, these solutions have helped maintain the human connection link at two levels. On the one hand, between the employees of the agency, and on the other hand, with their clients. Looking through this lens is critical for any business looking to move forward in 2022, and hosting virtual meetings like this has allowed DWH to manage its business while uniting its teams and growing businesses in Tucson. .

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