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On average, Americans take more than 20 pictures one day. While many are just repetitions or blurry images, others are worth sharing on social media.

But before you start attaching images and posting, don’t go there yet. There are ways to improve engagement and visibility so your beautiful images reach a wider audience. This way it will be worth it and you can show off your photos to the fullest!

Keep reading for 3 tips to make online photo sharing easy and effective.


1. Edit photos first

Let’s say you took a photo of your baby or pet in motion, and he has the cutest expression on his face! But the photo is either excessively dark or washed out, or there’s a ton of trash in the background.

While you may have a good image right now, you can make it great by doing some image editing first. Using photo editing software, adjust the brightness and contrast so that your photo is well lit. And use a background remover if there are distracting things floating around.

By brushing your images, you will make them much more attractive!

2. Use the right hashtags

If you post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you will have the advantage of using hashtags. These are basically keywords by which you want people to find your images. So, for example, if you took a picture of your dog, a hashtag you could use is “#puppy” or “#dog”.

The more hashtags you use, the higher the chances of people seeing your photos. However, you should be careful to only use relevant hashtags and not overuse them. Otherwise, you risk attracting the wrong audience and turning them off.

If you’re not sure what hashtags to put in, take a look at what others are using. It can be useful to piggyback on these already successful hashtags!

3. Share responsibly

Once you put something online, it is very difficult to get it erased from the internet. This means you have to be careful who you share your images with!

Make sure that any images that may contain your personal information are only shared with your personal list and not publicly. If you’re posting photos of your kids, it’s best to limit that audience even further to your closest social circle (best case scenario is just your family). You never know how prevalent photos of your kids can become, and unfortunately there are some shady characters out there.

Have fun sharing photos

Sharing photos is a great way to show everyone what you do and some of your artistic skills.

By using our photo editing tips and more, you’ll be able to share priceless images and reach a wide audience. In addition, you will keep your personal information and your family safe. As a result, you’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve reached so many people through the power of the internet, all without compromising sensitive data.

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