International visitors make up a small percentage of site traffic

Consumers from outside the United States represent 25.7% of collective traffic to the top 1,000 sites, and this percentage drops to 23.0% for traffic from outside the United States and the Canada. But much of that traffic goes to three big players in the Top 1000: Amazon (#1), Apple (#3), and Microsoft (#89). Excluding these three companies, traffic from outside the United States represents only 14.0% of the collective Top 1000 traffic, and that from outside the United States and Canada, 10 .9%. But there are big differences depending on what a retailer sells. Traffic from outside the United States and Canada accounts for 64.2% of collective visits to the top 1,000 consumer electronics retailers, but only 2.0% in the hardware/home improvement category and 4.6% in housewares/furnishings. Each Top 1000 retailer will want to analyze their own site analytics to determine if there is enough interest from particular overseas markets to justify the expense of fulfillment, duties, taxes, barriers languages ​​and customer service when shipping overseas.

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