Master Graphic Design and Web Design for just $30

Get the convenience without the price with this design set.
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Graphic design and web design are two of the hardest professions to learn. The cost of classes is huge, and pretty much the only way to truly master these skills is with a combination of practice and consistent guidance that isn’t tied to a class schedule.

This is why Learn to Design 2022 Premium Certification Pack has been developed for provide comprehensive design training without the cost or commitment of in-person classes. And for a limited time, this set is on sale for just $30 (usually $2,000).

Affordable Design Courses

The Learn to Design 2022 Premium Certification Bundle gives you 10 courses containing 46 hours of non-stop instruction on some of the industry’s most useful design tools. For graphic design, that means Photoshop and AutoCAD. For web design, that means UX Design and Figma. And you’ll learn how the two design schools overlap, so you can create unique and impressive things.

You will also learn the basic fundamental skills that go into graphic and web design. There are courses dedicated entirely to coding and design principles. Courses such as “Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and Create a Professional Website,” taught by experts like Hira Mariam, can form the foundation of your design education. Mariam is a web developer and software engineer who founded Learn Space Tutorials and helped industries reinvent themselves. And it is she who will teach you how to use one of the most flexible programming languages In the field.

Save on Learn to Design 2022 Premium Certification Bundle

If you really want to be a designer and are looking for the practical first step to take, this set is for you. the Premium Learn to Design Certification Pack 2022 Certification Pack is on sale for $30 (usually $2,000). And if you want another tool to make web design a little easier, check out this wireframe designer!

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