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Fort Worth, Jan. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fort Worth, Texas –

Fort Worth, TX-based Moon and Owl Marketing is eager to help local medical facilities and healthcare organizations improve their engagement with their target audiences. Through the agency’s medical referral services, companies in this industry can present their various offerings to more people and generate more direct interest from the communities they serve.

According to Moon and Owl Marketing, most firms fall into one of three categories of their digital efforts: those who want to boost their business (but are unfamiliar with digital marketing terms and strategies), those who have worked with d other agencies (who ultimately failed to deliver on their promises) and those who have had some success with digital marketing (but are rapidly being overwhelmed as the field advances at breakneck speed). Moon and Owl Marketing understands that they have a lot to prove, but they are also keen to show suppliers what they are capable of – and they have already contributed immensely to other practices that have found themselves in such circumstances.

In particular, the agency welcomes the opportunity to further explain its approach to all interested parties. New clients are eligible for a free SEO consultation, during which the full extent of Moon and Owl Marketing’s capabilities and expertise can be discussed. Additionally, a client can raise any concerns they have during this consultation. The agency is confident that it will be able to adequately demonstrate why its services can be a game-changer for a medical practice.

For example, Moon and Owl Marketing claims that one of the main problems with some SEO agencies is that they will use industry jargon to obfuscate their business. This can lead an unwary customer to sign a long contract before fully understanding that they are not getting any real value from the services they are paying for. Moon and Owl Marketing, however, takes a much more proactive and transparent approach, choosing to show its clients exactly what tools they’re using and why the team expects their predictions to be accurate. They also don’t lock their medical clients into long-term search engine optimization contracts.

The agency achieves this by operating on what they call first-principles strategies – they actively study all aspects of a search engine’s functionality, then break it down to its most basic elements. By rebuilding them from scratch, the team gains intrinsic knowledge of how they perform their respective tasks. This is necessary because search engines (such as Google) generally do not share information about how their ranking algorithms work. However, it also has the benefit of allowing Moon and Owl Marketing to openly demonstrate the results of their work and explain why they think their recommendations will work in a client’s favor.

John Seymour, a medical client, explains in his comprehensive review of the agency’s work, “As VP of Operations, I had identified our internet presence (or lack thereof) as a major barrier to connecting our top-notch services with the target customers we were trying to reach.Enter Moon & Owl and Jordan Fowler.Jordan took the time to understand what our unique goals were and what our value proposition to the industry was, prior to to offer a “one size fits all” solution Moon & Owl’s solution was as unique as our needs due to the process they guided us through every phase of the website development process.

The review concludes: “The result was a website that clearly communicates who we are in a way that connects with the potential customer the way they seek to know their options. I cannot recommend Jordan Fowler and Moon & Owl Marketing highly enough. I wouldn’t even consider anyone else for my next project. Let Moon and Owl cut through the fog and take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Moon and Owl Marketing adds that search engines tend to change the way their algorithms work, so an SEO that was fully functional only a few months ago may be rendered completely ineffective a few updates later if an agency uses a single strategy to rank. Fortunately, the M&O SEO team uses a wide range of strategies to protect their medical clients from algorithm swings. They also perform continuous testing to refine their techniques and recommendations – and one of their mandates is to always keep their customers informed of their findings.

Unlike generalist SEO agencies, Moon and Owl Marketing has a distinct background in medical services, making it a great partner for any practice that wants to grow revenue through organic search (and accurately track ROI). Interested parties can contact Jordan Fowler of Moon and Owl Marketing or request a free consultation through the agency’s website to get started today.


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