Responsive Website Design: The Trends of 2022

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Keeping up with current and future trends should be part of any successful business, but when it comes to website design, staying in touch with these trends could be even more beneficial.

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Here, we’ll look at some of the trends that web designers might need to watch out for in the future.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of website design and will continue to be so into the distant future, but with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, strategies surrounding SEO and keyword research must evolve over time.

Due to this ever-changing environment, designers need to adopt current SEO strategies to further develop the SERP position. For example, assuming the business is based in an area of ​​London, designers should target more intentional keywords rather than generic keywords. Developers can still use DMA channels to get keyword insights, but that might not be ideal for new organizations.

For example, a website located in an area on the outskirts of London should not target specific central London keywords so as not to attract the wrong audience. Instead, they should target more information on the area’s explicit keywords to rank higher in the nearby market and add it to the design.

Website accessibility

Not only is this an important trend for a business to follow, but it is now a legal requirement in some parts of the world so that anyone with a disability can use and access what they need from of your website, as is the case with any physical store. Several large companies have recently been sued for this reason, namely; Netflix, Domino’s Pizza and Beyoncé.

These legal obligations aren’t the only reason business websites stay in touch with this trend, as in the United States alone, according to the CDC, there are nearly 61 million American citizens living with some sort of disability, i.e. 12.3% of this population. have encountered problems while accessing the Internet. Therefore, a large part of the market could be attracted by the fact that your website is accessible to them. Records also show that a company becomes much more popular with Americans when it demonstrates an inclusive business ethic and takes a progressive social stance.

Live chatbots

Much of the population will suggest that they prefer a face-to-face experience when it comes to customer service, but with the huge reliance on the internet and online shopping websites lately, the need for some sort of service online customer has become vital for business. in line.

Chatbots are becoming more and more common, as well as being handy for customers when they need simple assistance with a website. The technology behind these chatbots has become much more advanced over the past year, making them more useful not only for businesses that lack real customer service agents, but also for those that need a Quick and easy one-click support. button.

While these bots can be convenient and effective for certain online issues, developers should ensure that the bots provide the same level of customer service as they would from an actual agent.

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Designers started using application programming interfaces (APIs) to effortlessly plan complex functionality. APIs help developers and engineers create complex programs without composing the code themselves. Using APIs to improve the site has several advantages, for example:

  • To store client-side information for offline use or to restore a page.
  • To control which archives are stacked in a program when using DOM.
  • Realize realistic 3D components on a site.
  • To broadcast sound or video content on a site.
  • To bring up-to-date server information and make a site more responsive.
  • To offer notifications to the customer.

These are just a few examples of what designers can accomplish using APIs. There is a wide range of APIs available to engineers to use in internet browsers for various reasons.

AI cybersecurity

The use of AI for security reasons is becoming more common as it becomes more advanced and extremely efficient.

Cybersecurity continues to become more and more important as the threat of hackers and dangerous malware constantly changes, so the use of AI has become extremely beneficial in the online world to identify a threat and solve it. cancel if necessary. If a company has a reliable cybersecurity setup, it encourages more business from those who are aware of the threat posed by simply accessing a website.

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