Revealed! The Three Most Impactful Web Design Trends of 2022 So Far

The world of web design never stands still, and when you have your head down at work, it’s easy to miss some of the biggest changes that have swept the industry. So now we’re more than halfway through 2022, it’s a good time to take the big picture and share some of the broader trends every creative needs to be aware of.

We’ve pulled these three exciting trends from the 2022 Trends Report for Editor X, the advanced web design platform that empowers freelancers and agencies to build client-responsive websites, no matter how complex the design. expression or creative requirement.

We give you an overview of each impactful trend below, but for more details and to discover the full list of trends, we invite you to explore the full report here.

1. Chaos of the Metaverse

The term metaverse refers to virtual worlds where more and more people connect and interact, from the Horizon worlds of Meta to gaming platforms like Roblox. But that’s just the beginning: investments in the sector are expected to reach hundreds of billions by 2030. And wherever people are, brands want to be there too.

So even though the industry is still in its infancy, brands as diverse as Wendy’s and Gucci see great opportunities in the multiverse. Designers who can help them establish themselves in these brave new worlds will indeed be appreciated.

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2. Dopamine Color Palettes

You’ve first heard of “dopamine dressing” – donning your favorite colorful clothes in an array of happiness-inducing rainbow hues. Now, the trend is moving from fashion to our screens. Bright, bold, and lively palettes are all over the web right now, which makes sense given how burnt out and demoralized the past few years have been. We need more joy in our lives, and adding color is one of the ways to spark it.

The colossal appetite for nostalgia as we look back to happier times is said to have also played its part in this trend. We are witnessing the re-emergence of 70s psychedelia, for example, with sites offering a satisfying visual feast of color to dazzle and delight the eye. Take a look at Mire Design Studio for inspiration or Decentralized archives.

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3. Web kitsch

Most websites these days look clean, uncluttered and, well, just the same. So it’s no surprise that early 2000s nostalgia is on the rise. Designers are embracing the less polished aesthetic of the early days of the web, when it wasn’t as modeled, less corporate, and decidedly weirder.

That means intentionally low-fi web design is back. We’re talking about default fonts, patterned backgrounds, old-school browser windows, simple layouts, and decorative sticker icons like smiley faces and butterflies that give an amateur look, even if the designer is anything but. Esther Rubanovitchthe portfolio of leads the way, just like Ryan Haskins’.

Find out more in the full report.

Read the full 2022 Trends Report

Above, we’ve rounded up three of the most interesting web design trends influencing creatives right now. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Find out more about where the industry is headed by exploring the Publisher X Trends Report today.