Traffic changes at the Blenheim green waste site

The council’s solid waste manager, Alec McNeil, thanked users of the Blenheim Greenwaste facility for their patience over the weekend as the new system came online.

“We rocked the Greenwaste traffic management system on Sunday. All in all went well, but unfortunately we had some software issues with our new computer system starting at noon which caused some queues at the exit weighbridge.

“It was not the best start and I apologize to those affected. Our weighbridge contractor is working on the software updates required to resolve these system issues encountered yesterday.

“Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.”

Entrance to the Blenheim green waste site is now from George Conroy Drive. Site users should access the site via the IN weighbridge and then follow the signage to the green waste area. When leaving the site, users of the green waste site must use the OUT weighbridge.

The method of recording green waste is changing due to the introduction of a new camera system. The cameras replace the old printed ticket as the method of recording site users’ waste details. The camera records the driver’s vehicle registration and the site attendant can record what users bring to the site.

The reason for this change is to provide accurate reporting of all materials entering and leaving the site, which is now a government legislative requirement.

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