“Understanding the why” is key to success in web design and branding – says award-winning designer

Robert Reilly of Boutique Agency Mixed branding outlines his vision for working with clients to develop a clear sense of purpose that increases loyalty and relevance with his clients, as part of the Wix Partner Awards series.

Purpose is a term frequently used in the marketing world, and one that risks losing its meaning in some circles. Too often, it’s presented as evidence of a brand’s claims to virtue while having little connection to the reality of that company’s existence.

However, for Robert Reilly, founder and managing director of branding agency Mixed Handed Branding, purpose is an essential part of his approach with clients. Whether that manifests as designing a logo, building a website, or growing a brand from scratch. Simply put, Reilly and his agency are on a mission to “understand the why” for their clients, to help them set a clear goal.

It is worthy of recognition. Indeed, each month the Wix Partner Awards celebrate companies that are leading the way in the digital space, and Mixed Handed Branding is the latest winner for demonstrating excellence in the super functionality category with its site design work. Web for an aromatized wine producer. SoDown Wine Co.

Powerful features

Reilly explains that establishing that clear sense of purpose is central to the agency’s approach, but high levels of functionality are never far behind. “One of the theories we follow is function,” he says. “I always speak with clients about this. What is the primary goal of your website, and can we get visitors to take an action in three clicks or less? That’s what really informs the hierarchy of the site.”

He adds, “We’re still designing the homepage in a scrolling story format. There’s no point in relying on people to find where they want to go in your navigation bar. We try to guide them as soon as they arrive on site. This means that you are going to get them to click where you want them to go.

The work of Mixed Handed Branding for SoDown Wine Co. is a good example. The agency started working with the client in its pre-launch phase and was advised to develop an online store. However, Reilly believed an unconventional approach would help the brand’s high-quality flavored wine compete in the hard seltzer space.

“We opted for this playful and fun concept to reach the target audience, female university graduates between the ages of 28 and 46. We really wanted to convey that this is a flavored wine product,” says Reilly.

To create a unique online shopping experience, Mixed Handed Branding developed a clean, fresh and dynamic design full of colorful elements that emphasize the fruity and refreshing nature of SoDown Wine Co. products and capture the spirit from a fun brand. Additionally, smart animation cleverly illustrates the product’s innovative features, such as its resealable lid, and seamlessly navigates the visitor through the history of SoDown Wine Co. before subtly introducing them to store sections and a page. shopping cart.

Pushing the boundaries for customers

Although a relatively young company – Reilly started the business in 2019 – Mixed Handed Branding has developed a standout design for a number of clients. Examples include award-winning work for a craft brewer Falling sky brewand some rich and powerful websites for businesses, including butcher and bird and Fire Tech Academy.

But how did Reilly approach developing the agency and raising awareness of its distinct positioning? The company serves customers in all industries, but has built a solid base among beverage companies and hair salons. And, says Reilly, Wix Marketplace and word-of-mouth were crucial to customer acquisition, with his wife being one of the company’s most effective advocates. “She’s a hairdresser. And think about it, it’s a powerful marketing tool,” says Reilly. “They literally have someone’s full attention for two hours. It’s crazy how often she brings us leads.

As for nurturing other agencies, Reilly recommends really putting the time and effort into making web design and branding a bit more special, because a solid portfolio and reputation are priceless. . “You may need to go over budget or over budgeted hours, but this outing will potentially generate more business,” he says. “With more examples and more work under your belt, it becomes more applicable to different customers, and this customer acquisition process is about anything you’ve done before.”

It worked for Mixed Handed Branding. Reilly plans to expand his five-person team with new hires in Oregon, a move to new office space and additional growth in Hawaii, where he has worked for a number of clients. But the agency will never lose sight of its main principles – purpose and functionality: “We are excited to now be able to test this recognition with clients or potential clients and talk about how our partnership with Wix continues to pay off. .”

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